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Brand: Acer Model: UM.CX2EE.009
LCD Monitor|ACER|XR342CKbmijphu|34"|Gaming/Curved/21 : 9|Panel IPS|3440x1440|21:9|5 ms|Speakers|Swivel|Height adjustable|Tilt|Colour Silver / Black|UM.CX2EE.009..
Ex Tax:567.53€
Brand: Acer Model: UM.HG6EE.L01
LCD Monitor|ACER|G276HLLbidx|27"|Gaming|Panel TN|1920x1080|16:9|60Hz|1 ms|Tilt|Colour Black|UM.HG6EE.L01..
Ex Tax:113.30€
Brand: Acer Model: UM.WV6EE.B04
LCD Monitor|ACER|V226HQLBBD|21.5"|Business|Panel TN|1920x1080|16:9|5 ms|Tilt|Colour Black|UM.WV6EE.B04..
Ex Tax:56.65€
Brand: Acer Model: UM.QB6EE.A09
LCD Monitor|ACER|B246HYLAymdr|23.8"|Business|Panel IPS|1920x1080|16:9|60Hz|5 ms|Speakers|Swivel|Pivot|Height adjustable|Tilt|Colour Dark Grey|UM.QB6EE.A09..
Ex Tax:96.82€
Brand: Acer Model: UM.FW3EE.001
LCD Monitor|ACER|K242HLBD|24"|1920x1080|16:9|5 ms|Colour Black|UM.FW3EE.001..
97.21€ 108.43€
Ex Tax:80.34€
Brand: Acer Model: UM.HE1EE.001
LCD Monitor|ACER|ET271BI|27"|Panel IPS|1920x1080|16:9|60Hz|4 ms|Colour Black|UM.HE1EE.001..
Ex Tax:114.33€
Brand: Acer Model: UM.HX3EE.A01
LCD Monitor|ACER|KA270HAbid|27"|Panel VA|1920x1080|16:9|60Hz|4 ms|Tilt|Colour Black|UM.HX3EE.A01..
Ex Tax:126.69€
Brand: Acer Model: UM.HR1EE.014
LCD Monitor|ACER|R271BID|27"|Panel IPS|1920x1080|16:9|4 ms|Speakers|Colour Black|UM.HR1EE.014..
Ex Tax:117.42€
Brand: Acer Model: UM.JE1EE.C01
LCD Monitor|ACER|EB321HQUCbidpx|31.5"|Panel IPS|2560x1440|16:9|60Hz|4 ms|Tilt|Colour Black / Silver|UM.JE1EE.C01..
223.09€ 234.30€
Ex Tax:184.37€
Brand: AOC Model: U2790PQU
LCD Monitor|AOC|U2790PQU|27"|Business/4K|Panel IPS|3840x2160|16:9|60Hz|5 ms|Speakers|Swivel|Pivot|Height adjustable|Tilt|Colour Grey|U2790PQU..
Ex Tax:242.05€
Brand: AOC Model: G2460PF
LCD Monitor|AOC|G2460PF|24"|Gaming|Panel TN|1920x1080|16:9|144Hz|1 ms|Speakers|Swivel|Pivot|Height adjustable|Tilt|Colour Black|G2460PF..
Ex Tax:166.86€
AOC Gaming Monitor / 24,5" / 144Hz / 1920x1080 / G2590FX AOC Gaming Monitor / 24,5" / 144Hz / 1920x1080 / G2590FX
2-3 Days
Brand: AOC Model: G2590FX
It is fast! 144 Hz refresh rate coupled with 1 ms response time and FreeSync support. 24.5" display in Full HD on a sleek, 3-sides frameless design.144 Hz Refresh RateEquip yourself with twice the frame rate of other monitors and say goodbye to image stuttering and blurry motion. With a 144Hz refres..
Ex Tax:148.76€
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